The Murray sisters perform dazzling equine Displays and Demonstrations for audiences nationwide. Sisters Siobhan and Anne Marie exhibit extraordinary horsemanship skills on stallions which they have ridden since infancy.

The four stallions have been performing together for over eight years now, with “Rico” and “Simba” being joined by “Spirit” in 2004 and the baby of the show “Cheyanne” completing the team in 2006. The performance can be adapted to suit any audience and includes Wild West and Spanish themes. The performance is spiced with humour when “Rico” sits on command and waves goodbye to the audience!

With over 300 performances in recent years at venues as varied as the “Battle of Flowers” in Guernsey to the “Gala Evening” at Hickstead, as well as appearances in London and the Home Counties, we introduce new aspects to our displays year by year.

Films and Advertising

The real stars of the “Stallions of Substance” are the Stallions themselves, who Phoebe has trained specifically for film and advertising work. All Stallions work together and hence are used to support a particular performance if required. Stunt horses and skilled riders are available for all productions.

“Simba” has been extensively trained in stunt work and can fall to the ground with his rider and rear on command. He is also able to “pretend dead” and rise again from the ground with his rider on his back.

Beautiful Andalusian Stallion “Rico” is able to lie down and sit on command. He has been trained to perform in liberty (command driven without tack/contact) and hence is recognised by many as a horse with huge media potential.

“Spirit” is an Arabian Stallion who performs at complete liberty and is available as part of the main display or as a solo act for smaller venues.

“Cheyanne” is a Dutch Warmblood and his repertoire of tricks increases year by year, a master in the making for such a young horse.

Rico and Simba have been filmed for the BBC programme “Animal Antics”, which enjoyed international coverage, and Rico also appeared on “Test Your Pet” with Rolf Harris, also for the BBC.

Stallions of Substance is able to offer film Directors highly trained stallions for films, advertising and photo shoots.

Equine Training

It is no surprise that Phoebe Murray and her daughters have developed an unrivalled reputation for equine training in the South of England. Many horse owners keen to further their own capabilities have been successfully tutored by Phoebe on how to enjoy a programme of training, individually suited to both horse and rider. Remedial training is also available on request, especially for problem horses where the owner has given up hope of any improvement. Phoebe is able to identify the source of the problem and offer a speedy and happy resolution.

Anne Marie is available for breaking and training, also for one to one lessons at your own premises. exercising and holiday cover can also be arranged if needed, subject to availability, at reasonable hourly rates plus travel costs if out of area.